Here you can clarify any doubts you may have. If any doubt exists can come into direct contact with us.

I am 38 years old and I am unemployed. Can I participate in the ateliers?

The project is for ladies with over 50 years without professional occupation, so formally you can’t participate. However, you have the opportunity to take part in our ateliers as a volunteer or to participate in our sewing workshops.

I am interested in sewing but I don’t know anything about it. Can I participate?

Yes, you can. We have a huge variety of participant profiles. The goal is to share knowledge and experiences and we have a professional seamstress that helps everybody that wants to learn.

I don’t live in Porto, therefore it can’t go to the workshop twice a week. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can participate only once a week, as long as you settle this with us first.

I have clothes that I would like to donate. How can I do it?

We can pick them in a place that suits your convenience or you can deliver them in our Atelier in Rua Damião Góis 96, Loja B Porto, Portugal. (Google Maps)

I am not from Porto and I don’t live nearby. Is there any other location where I can attend the ateliers?

No, unfortunately in this moment we operate exclusively in Porto, Portugal.

Does the Vintage For A Cause make new clothes?

Yes, we do if you order first. This option also respects the project identity: exclusivity, design and the reuse of materials and clothes.

Where can I buy Vintage For A Cause clothes? Which sizes are there?

You can buy our clothes online, in the Urban Markets and other markets, in our atelier or in two stores in Porto, Portugal (stores).

Every piece is unique and exclusive. We have different sizes of each item (skirts, coats, dresses…) but we only have a single item of each model.

Do I have to pay to attend the atelier? How can I register myself?

The ateliers attendance is free of charge.

You can enroll yourself by phone (+351 913 882 236,) online or going to our atelier.

I would like to learn how to sew in an after-work schedule. Is it possible?

Yes, we have different workshops in an after-work schedule.

I am a stylist, designer or fashion student and I would like to collaborate with the Vintage For A Cause. Is that possible?

We accept the collaboration of creative professionals in a volunteer basis and according to their number of hours available.

Your activity aims at orientating the clothes transformation, which is executed by the participants in the Sewing Club.

All the costs are ensured by the Vintage For A Cause.

The professional’s names appear on the label. This work can be used for portfolio purposes.

Is the project only about sewing?

The main activities have to do with the transformation of clothes and accessories but we also promote another activities inside and outside the atleliers and workshops.