July 2013 – Vintage in Bonjóia

20 July, 2013
By Vintage For A Cause

The 20th July 2013 was an important day in the Vintage For A Cause history because it was the first bidding event of the clothes transformed within the project.

With the support of the different Portuguese foundations and public institutions, the Vintage For A Cause presented itself, showing the world the first transformed clothes and the stories behind them, sharing the results of a year of intense work.

The project was introduced to the public as a collective effort of people and institutions which have identified themselves with a vision and a mission and worked to bring it to the light of day.

The first Vintage For A Cause public sale took place in this day: each every single piece was introduced by its creator, who told the history of it: since the production, the donation, the transformations and its way until its new owner.

Stories told out loud by every person involved in this bold movement.