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Fashion Revolution Week 2019 Porto - 27th april

Ready for the 2019 fashion revolution?

Join us and start a revolution at Porto!

On April 27th, pick up a dozen clothes that you no longer wear, prepare your questions and show up at OPO'Lab from 10:00 a.m.!

We will have Swap Market, Talks, Upcycling Workshop and Repair Café, documentary exhibition, and - our great debut - Transparency Fair!



Know more about the TRANSPARENCY FAIR:

Transparency Fair provides a physical space for brands that want to showcase everything about their business and production process, in a fair format, thus gaining the opportunity to create synergies with potential customers, partners, end consumers, and promoting above all consumption conscious! We challenge brands to reveal as much as possible about their products, samples, methods, features and - of course! - about who made our clothes.
Come learn everything about the national fashion industry and participate in SPEED DATING - the moment that will allow greater intimacy between brands and consumers, here free to ask everything they always wanted to know, but never had the courage to ask.

Know more about the SWAP MARKET:

1. What is a Swap Market?

Swap Market designates an informal action for the direct exchange of goods, generally in a single space, not involving trade. It is a trading market that appears as a space of plurality of participants and goods promoting the exchange of clothing and sustainable consumption, giving power to the consumer in making decisions that account for the social structure and the environment.

2. How can I participate?

Bring the items with you on the day of the Swap Market, and exchange them for others available.

3. Who can participate?

The market is open to anyone who wants to change any item of clothing: any size, size, material or brand.

4. What parts can I change?

Clothing, accessories or shoes that one could normally exchange with friends, sell or donate, pieces in good condition, as good as those they expect to find to bring home. You will not be accepted to exchange torn, dirty, damaged, or otherwise damaged pieces, underwear and socks.

5. How many pieces can I change?
By defending sustainable and ethical values, the Swap Market has a maximum limit of 10 pieces for exchange per person. The recommended number of exchanges corresponds to the number of pieces deposited.

About TALKS:

Coming soon.

Know more about the WORKSHOPS:

You will be able to repair or upcycle your clothes.

At the Upcycling Workshop, with Vintage for a cause, you will learn how to turn garments using textile waste. With Repair Café you can repair your damaged clothes instead of buying new ones.

Repair Cafés are public events and free of charge in which aged or injured objects find the affection that they deserve. Participants are encouraged to repair their own object with the help of experienced volunteers.

You will have the opportunity to repair your pieces of clothing having at your disposal all the necessary materials and equipment.

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