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From Granny to Trendy


The project From Granny to Trendy aims to fill the gap in occupational activities offered to women over 50 (who do not feel framed in the traditional responses), offering to them a sewing workshop where they can meet, talk, create and learn with each other. As a result, we promote new skills, preserve the environment and promote the sharing of new experiences and knowledge, in an intervention model that promotes social inclusion in a creative way.

For us, age is an asset. Every woman has her individual talents, stories, passions and and skills that, when empowered, make each one feel more and more useful and special. Whether through our workshops or our fashion shows we demonstrate the full potential and beauty of these women and the care and passion with which they work in something that gives them pleasure.

The project aims to empower and value women's knowledge, where emotional ties and self-esteem are stimulated in partnership with the community and where these women can simply be themselves, regardless of their condition or age. We also emphasize the value and beauty of the age through a fashion show and professional photography sessions, where these women are not only the creators of the pieces, but also the models demonstrating that "old are the rags" but that even these can have a new life.