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Transparency Lab

Our secret? Fabric of course!

We make our pieces from rescued deadstock fabrics, sustainable materials and repurposed vintage clothing. As we grow, our goal it to be more and more sustainable, innovating every day to create more sustainable ways to do fashion! – We are in the beginning of our journey, so we have lots of thing to innovate!


Vintage & deadstock

In each garment we produce at least a part of them are made using vintage and deadstock fabric, which means that we give a second life to fabric that may be destined for the landfill.

We try to make most of our parts with deadstock fabrics – do you know that almost 12 million tons of textile waste goes to landfills every year? Scary right? We buy old, leftover and over-order fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. This allows us to reuse and rescue this materials from the landfill directly to you wardrobe. Maybe it’s not the best picture…but you get it, right?

Remanufactured clothing can save more than 5800kg of co2 emissions a year. And, let’s face it, is super unique and fashion!



We put sustainability at the hearth of everything we do! 

Our environmental impact

At vintage we think about all the costs. We do our best to track our environmental footprint by adding up the kilograms of co2 emitted, liters of water we use and kilograms of waste generated. Then we calculate how vintage’s products help reduce these impacts compared with other fashion brands. We are transparent, so we share this information on every product page of our website and tell you the estimated impact from each garment on the environment. This way you can see the real cost of fashion and make empowered choices.


How it works

We hate math… but it’s everything about math! The whole equation follows the lifecycle of clothes – from growing textile fibers and making fabric and when you’re done with them.


The results

We also publish the totals for all the resources we used and saved. We can’t wait to see how all those little things add up and make a big difference. And we need this results to keep improving our company.



Our team

Our business is not fashion… is people, and this will always be our main focus! We start at 2013 involving elderly people, especially woman in social isolation and vulnerability, empowering them and making them as active part in our company. We always seek to give people a second change – the fabric need a second change, people need this to! – And invest in new talents!



As james goldsmith said ‘’if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’’, and we truly believe in this sentence, so we will always try to pay a fair value when we hire – at this point we are only three craziest people creating a company! We also pay the fair value to our manufacturing partners for the production of our garments, we often pay more than the market value!



We are just started, so we don´t really knew what benefits can we give to our future employees… but there is one thing we know for sure… if you give people a rewarding experience in their workplace they will give everything to help us growing our company! 



We want to sell our clothes online, in retail partners and, maybe in the future, we want to have our one stores. We want to build a sustainable retail experience!



On average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail. Good news because we want to sell worldwide from our website, you don’t even need to go out to have a new fashion item!



We aim for the most efficient lowest impact solution available. We want to set up a carbon neutral shipping program with our shipper, unfortunately we still do not have the necessary sales quantity, but you can help with that!


Circular vintage

On average every people in the world throw away 30 kilograms of clothing, per year. Soon you can get pre-paid shipping labels in our retail partners and on our website so you can send to uses your old vintage clothes when you’re over them. We almost forgot! In a near future if you send to us your old vintage for a cause clothes you receive a 10% discount on your next purchase! 



To keep our supply chain as sustainable as possible, we search for suppliers that take social and environmental standards seriously. By sourcing locally when possible and screening all of our suppliers, we minimize environmental impacts and ensure there’s no unfair or unsafe labor that goes into making our clothes.



We always try to source our materials locally and domestically first. All of our cutting, sewing and manufacture is done in Portugal, and are produced by senior seamstresses and responsible manufacturing partners.