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Vintage for a Cause x Pinga Amor

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by Elena Iparraguirre

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by Elena Iparraguirre

Dressed by Isabel Silva &

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Limited Editions

You are one in 7 billion and for you we have limited editions that are exclusive and handmade with care justo for you.

Circular Economy

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. We believe that we can use the same principles with our clothes.

Social Impact

Make and impact with your clothes! At Vintage with every product you purchase, you will make a positive impact in the world.

Environmental Impact

At Vintage we think about all the costs. We track our environmental footprint by adding up the kilograms of CO2 emitted, liters of water we use and kilograms of waste generated. Then we calculate how Vintage’s products help reduce these impacts compared with other fashion brands. We are transparent, so we share this information on every product page of our website and tell you exactly what is the impact from each garment on the environment. This way we can create more solutions to reduce the negative impact of fashion on the environment and you can see the real cost of fashion and make empowered choices.

1.000 kilograms

Over 99% of the clothing thrown away can be recycled or reused, but sadly more than 85% ends up in landfills.

3.000.000 litres

Fashion is the second largest consumers and polluter of water all the process consume extreme amounts of precious H2O.

7.000 kilograms

Production processes emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases which pollute our atmosphere and contribute to climate change.


Production and Sales
+ 500 pieces


"From Granny to Trendy" Programs

Workshops +48
Upcycling Learning +144h
Fashion Show +1
Photoshoot +1
Beneficiaires by program +100


Reuse Waste
– 375 Kg

Save Water
– 1,45M litres

Save CO2 emissions
– 3.456 Kg