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4 Simple Ways to Develop the Slow Living Practice

Although the concept of "Slow Living" or "slow life" has existed since the 80s, in the last two decades there has been a considerable increase in people who have adopted this mindset for life.

This is understandable since the speed at which we do things has increased dramatically today. However, doing things quickly is not always the best option, most of the time it is better to do less, and prioritize what matters in our life. In short words, slow living means living better, not faster, it means living with purpose and awareness. Know more in Slow Living .

But how do we practically apply this in our daily lives? Although it seems simple, adopting this mindset can be very complicated. Especially now that we are used to a fast routine of life and work, and society is increasingly driven by technology. We constantly receive an excess of information and sometimes disconnecting and adopting new habits is not so easy.

Here are our 4 ways to slow down our lives in a practical way:


Reducing and using what already exists is a great starting point. Living life more simply is the key to get free time for what matters. Prioritizing quality over quantity is the motto for everything we have in our lives, especially at home and inside our closets.


DIY and manual practices are good for the mind and body. Building something from scratch, repairing something or learning a craft technique demands our time and concentration. In addition, it is a way to practice Mindfulness and brings great benefits to our minds. This summer choose something that inspires you and get to work.


We are constantly connected, and that changes our ability to slow down. Technology is fundamental nowadays, but it is necessary to measure the level of influence it has on us. It is essential to consume information, but without being consumed by it. Manage your content sources so you can have time for the truly important things that happen offline.


The rush of everyday life makes us more individualistic and we often forget that we are not alone. Seeing and perceiving the community around us is essential for a conscious living. Take the test of saying "good morning" to the people you see every day on the street or listening to the funny fact that the guy who serves you coffee wants to tell. Simple actions that bring you to the present moment.

Of course, that's not all, there are plenty of other ways to "slow"down. Basically, it's best to start with something that works for you and then practice patience, act less in more time, spend time alone, cultivate a positive atitude and be sure to act slowly, always.

We hope that these tips help you this summer and throughout the hole year.

Take it easy and see you soon.