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Meet the Grandmasters that make your upcycled clothes

All our pieces are handmade by senior seamstresses. 

Our goal is to create more opportunities for women over 50, giving value to all forms of work, specially those who are being lost, such as traditional sewing.

It's not charity. It's a business strategy, or better, it's a social business model.

In fact, upcycling deadstock demands skills that grandmasters show easily, putting all their expertise and soul in the garment construction.

Therefore, we get high quality upcycled clothes to offer to our community of clients and these mastersewers get new opportunities to be fairly paid and are allowed to manage their time according to their rhythm and life goals.

The scouting of these talented women is made within the social inclusion programs and workshops that we named From granny to trendythat consist in upcycling sessions of an outfit to exhibit in a professional photoshoot and a catwalk where the participants are also the models, showing that beauty has no age and that the real trend is to stop with the human and the material waste.  Active aging and civic participation are powerful tools to improve the well being and the quality of life and these programs also provide lifelong learning opportunities.

Those who have skills and still are willing to work are invited to belong to our network of independent seamstresses, to whom we trust the manufacturing of the ordered pieces, according to the deadlines and their availability.

We proudly present you those who are with us almost since the beginning, always inspiring us to do our best to keep them with us.


Felicidade Ribeiro and Conceição Seabra,    66 years old and best friends forever. 
They started as participants in the workshops and met there. Soon we realized about their talent. Felicidade was our first mastersewer and later she joined Conceição in an upcycling project of their own that is AninaReuz.


Maria Rodrigues and Maísa Carvalho, 56 years old and 59, decided to open a small sewing business in Braga. Maria had a small factory that was closed due to family problems. At that time she was already donating us a lot of trash materials and even supported us with pattern making.

Maísa is a brasilian migrant that was teacher in her homeland, but always enjoyed handcrafts and decided to collaborate with Maria, in order to make some money to pay her studies in Portugal. They are a great team.

Besides our network, and to be able to answer to higher orders, we also partnered with a small factory based in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, that only hires women over 50.


Looking forward to grow our network of Grandmasters and artisans.

We are really sorry for the bad quality of the images, but some of them were taken by them and it served the purpose, to register the moment...