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Amor a Granel - Buy it and D.I.Y.

Believing there is always room to introduce more sustainable habits into our lifestyles, Vintage for a Cause has created a new line of differentiated products.

Not only because it is an opportunity to reuse waste of home textiles, but also to continue the awareness actions and DIY products that the brand has been developing, always in a circular, inclusive and collaborative logic.

Amor a Granel is the name of a selected set of personal care and kitchen products that was developed in a partnership with the grocery store Maria Granel.

Among this set we find 5 accessories such as cases for storing personal belongings (necessaire), blindfolds, a vejibag, a hairband to help you put on your make up and a make-up washcloth.

100% cotton, 100% ucycling of surplus home textiles, handmade by the brand's senior seamstress network.

These accessories are designed to reduce waste in the home are only available at Maria Granel stores.

But the challenge does not end with the purchase of each product, since from the labels it is possible to access the respective molds and guides step by step so that identical objects can be created from unused clothing.