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Redefining the essence of sustainability

Sustainability isn't just about eco-sustainable products we choose to eat or use in our everyday routine. The concept has spread nowadays and it now comprehends a wide range of actions. In fact, this term stands for different meanings and specific behaviours, depending on the area it is applied to.

It is an hot topic especially in the workplace world. It's known that, after the pandemic, a lot of people started to think about their frenetic and unbalanced working lifestyle. Our society has always stood for the topic of "productivity", as it was meant to have its corresponding in a quick and always on mindset. This habit and culture produced several effects on the people, cause they started to be considered not as human beings, but more as robots or machines - human doings.

When in 2020 the world stopped, everyone has finally been able to see what direction their lives was taking. We had the chance to make a step backward and try to taste how the real life was made of: simple things such as hugs, family, friends. Our lost essential. 

That was the moment where hundreds of people decided to leave their jobs and define a new beginning for their lives, made of a real kind of work-life balance. It is better known as "the big quit". Quit from anxiety, excess belonged to our previous lifestyle, the surplus of bad habits.

As this contemporary revolution stands for the concept of "less is more", we, at VFC, decided to follow and give our personal interpretation of this new era. The new Essentials drop tries to create a bond between soul and mind, as we are finally able to reconnect with our deep emotions and this must be reflected in our style.

The Essentials collection gives women the opportunity to get rid of the excess of previous life, in order to build and create a new space where they can fulfill their needs and desires based on a conscious and overall lifestyle.

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Giulia Ferrando