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Choose Colourful Friday – do good for you and others

Black Friday is now an integral part of Thanksgiving celebrations around the globe. It gives a good opportunity to find Christmas gifts for your loved ones and friends. If you know what you are looking for you might find good bargains and special items. 

Unfortunately, within time the day has been shifted to masses of special shopping deals and big discounts. To keep up with the competition, some retailers have gone so far as to keep their operations going on the whole November and from every corner shouts out a message of shop till you drop.

Even the most sustainable and thoughtful shopper might have difficulties keeping fair principles in mind in this flood of bids. 

So, we are promoting instead a COLOURFUL FRIDAY MENTALITY FOR EVERY DAY! 

When you choose sustainable companies and check their special offers you are not only making yourself and the possible gift recipient happy but also doing good in many ways.

D.I.Y. Upcycling training Kits

When you choose upcycled products you are making a positive environmental impact. The products have been manufactured so that it is fair to all participants: nature, workers and climate. Handmade products are most often done with a lot of care and products have a long life cycle.

Ucycled Pyjamas


Like Vintage for a Cause there are several companies who also make a social impact by producing clothes. Our From Granny to Trendy project offers women over 50 sewing workshops where they can meet, talk, be creative, learn and add value to their lives. 

From Granny To Trendy Workshops


You can buy our upcycled pieces from our online shop or check the Colourful Friday auction of unique handmade Bomber jackets in Ebay by next 25th november.


 Giving back has many shapes and it's up to us to paint reality as we want her to be, don't you agree?

Happy Holidays!

 Author: Jaana Monto