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Less waste – clean Globe!

At the same time when Black Friday sales tempted us to consume more than we actually need, The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) encourages us to carry out awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management. This year the theme is Circular Communities. Exactly the same theme Vintage for a Cause is concentrating on year-round.


Tintex Natural Dyeing workshop at Maria Granel bioshop


During the last week of EWWR, 21-28th November, we at Vintage for a Cause covered this topic in many ways, from North to South, covering all ages and gathering all our stakeholders, sharing with our community the benefits of NATURAL DYEING and UPCYCLING throughout workshops where the participants experienced simple and ancestral techniques to repair or repurpose their clothes, leaving no one behind.

From Granny To Trendy - Gondomar 


We would like the Waste Reduction -theme to be remembered 365 days a year, especially when the temptations are strong like around Christmas, Winter sales and so on.

Here few handy tips how to achieve that:


Recycled -Choose the exciting way to buy clothes! You never know what kind of a treasure you´ll find. It is also a clever way to get an access to quality pieces with less money. Most definitely this is an easy way to create more personal style! And you can change it more often when recycling again your old clothes.

Upcycled - Vintage for a Cause offers you a change to choose clothes made buy deadstock of fashion industry. Clothes are new but you can buy with a good conscience because we are not creating new materials but instead helping to get rid of the existing storage.

Tuned -Tune yourself or use a dressmaker to modify your existing clothes. Fix, upgrade or make something new using your old clothes that don’t get to be used anymore as they are. Need some help? Check our D.I.Y. KITS, our online workshops and other green tips at our youtube channel.


Sustainability can mean many things. One is how much cutting waste fabric is produced when manufacturing clothes. The math is simple: the more cleaver the design and the pattern cutting are, the less there is need to produce new material. They say that 80% of the sustainable decisions are made by designer.

But in the end the sustainable actions are carried out by you and me.

We make the final decision. What is yours?

Author: Jaana Monto