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NEONYT, the world’s biggest exhibition for sustainable fashion

The NEONYT is an international fair for sustainable fashion and takes place in Berlin, next 2-4/07/2019.

With a Trade Fair, the Fashionsustain and #Fashiontech conferences, showcases, events and parties, Neonyt brings together a community defined by fashion, a forward-looking approach, an affinity for technology and sustainable awareness.

Unified by the desire to drive a process of change in the fashion industry is the global platform for the fashion of the future and sustainable innovation and it brings together well-known fashion labels, progressive designers, and exciting newcomers.

To exihibit at the trade fair, brands need to fullfill some sustainability criteria, regarding the sourcing materials, business model, packaging, social commitment and others aspects of the business chain.

We are truly excited to be accepted as a brand exhibitor and are looking forward to be inspired by this new business and communication platform.

Come and visit us! We are presenting some of our limited editions for summer and midseason, such as Review-Reuse collection by Katty Xiomara and Concrete Jungle by Hafu/Ivo Sousa.

As retailer you can ackowledge in advance our conditions for retail business at the wholesale collection, by requesting your wholesale account.

Please be aware: if you are looking for white linen and organic cotton minimal clothes, you will not find it! We save high-end trash materials from the landfil and it's not how it looks like. Sustainable fashion and upcycling is also trendy, colorful, original and stylish. For women that dress like they give a damn!

See you in one week, changemakers!