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NEW DESIGNER's PLATFORM - empowering marginalised groups through fashion

Vintage for a Cause partnered along side  with Learn To Recreate, a UK based fashion training company and Umea city council in Sweden, within their migrants integration program for a new training and social inclusion, fashion program, empowering migrants and refugees with a sewing and crafts background.

Climate change, global migration and human rights are linked. 
In 2018, the World Bank estimated that three regions (Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia) will generate 143 million more climate migrants by 2050.
In 2017, 68.5 million people were forcibly displaced, more than at any point in human history. While it is difficult to estimate, approximately one-third of these (22.5 million to 24 million people) were forced to move by “sudden onset” weather events—flooding, forest fires after droughts, and intensified storms. While the remaining two-thirds of displacements are the results of other humanitarian crises, it is becoming obvious that climate change is contributing to so-called slow onset events such as desertification, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, air pollution, rain pattern shifts and loss of biodiversity. This deterioration will exacerbate many humanitarian crises and may lead to more people being on the move.
Neither a multilateral strategy nor a legal framework exist to account for climate change as a driver of migration. Whether in terms of limited access to clean water, food scarcity, agricultural degradation, or violent conflict, climate change will intensify these challenges and be a significant push factor in human migration patterns.

Supported by Erasmus +,  this program has a clear mission: training to develop fashion, art and craft enterprises amongst migrants and individuals  that are marginalised.

In line with the 2020 Action Plan of the European Commission, New designer’s platform aims to provide participants with a practical entrepreneurial experience, believing that everybody deserves a chance to excel and reach their full potential.  

At New Designer's Platform we work to encourage and advance individuals within the global fashion industry. 

Available for portuguese, english and swedish participants, the course is free of charges and has 3 levels, with the following content:

- International Fashion Retail & Marketing including Enterprise Development Skills

- Circular Economy Brand Planning 

- Production of a Range of Textile Craft items

- Basic Garment Production, Digital Pattern Construction, Digital Grading and Manual Lay Planning.

If you want to take your business or creative skills to a next level you can apply here or contact us for further information.