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The NEW NORMAL already exists and it is (within) you and us!

Reset or acceleration?

No one can predict what is coming, but we look forward for an acceleration of what already was urgent...

We are experiencing days that put everything in perspective and, in the midst of uncertainty an vulnerability, we hear about a new beginning and a new normal, a new way of existing, based on many principles that guide not only our work, but that of many organizations and citizens like you: purpose, responsibility and cooperation.

The world stopped and everything seems canceled, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. An acceleration of what was already emerging is starting to get shape.

Pandemic works as a removal of illusions and is pushing us hard to rethink our values, options and attitudes.

Business and society was already broken. Ultra capitalism and growth drained institutions and leaders. It looks like a world midlife crisis with externalities and also "internalities", making us reflecting and going deeper towards some concepts such as success, intelligence, productivity, wealth and health.

Decision makers, leaders, trend hunters and each one of us in our heart and mind  are struggling to find answers and, despite the place from where we speak, we all agree that now is time to make us whole as interdependent beings.

What do we appreciate the most? Good and meaningful relationships, healthy food, physical, mental, and spiritual health, well being, peace, freedom and being in contact with nature. 

Convergence, innovation, connection and community are now more important than ever.

Why? Crisis also enhances the cronical fragility of some groups and small businesses, freelancers or artisans. 

History and life cycles shows us the human and society patterns and it's in our hands to break them: walking softly, going local, confident in our internal and collective capacities, together and joining efforts with a common goal.

Self-care & group-care can be in the same side of the coin in every approach: business models, (positive) communication, (better) information, caring policy making and conscious consumption. 

And that's what defines our mission since the beginning: to offer high quality upcycled fashion, while creating new employment opportunities, recovering the value of traditional forms of manufacturing, including the elderly and forgotten groups of society involving and implicating companies, private and public organizations and amazing citizens driven by the same motivation, making the road towards the sustainable development a wide and open space for more collaboration and positive impact.

Within this change, and despite all uncertainty, we believe that what defines our human essence will remain. Technology is a great tool, but also solidarity and critical/creative thinking, in order to build better communities. 

Whatever may be the 'new normal', we feel that it already exists and it's (within) our community and you!

#WEkeepcaring more than ever about our community and are truly honored to partner alongside with amazing designers, brands, institutions, volunteers, workers, clients and supporters! They all make us what we are!

Thank you for caring with us! 

Helena Antónia