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Sales months can be exhaustive, what about an easy-going option this summer?

It's summertime, and it's also an intense period for fashion retailers and consumers in general. The streets are crowded and a high quantity of people are searching for low prices and good deals. For us, this period is an opportunity to explain why we are not "in the mood for "sales. Does this means that we don't practise discounts? No, we have a Sample Sale collection, always on sale, composed by last items and samples  and sometimes we offer small discounts that work as thank you treats to our community. They are huge for us, though, and you will understand why later. The fast fashion brands already have in count the "sales discount months" when developing and pricing their products. It means that even when the discounts are applied, they still have some profit on it. But the question is how can a dress that costs 10 euros for the consumer still has margins to provide some profit even with discounts? Well, it's all about math, it demands to practice higher margins, but also to produce huge quantities of products at a very low price. Also, fast trends result from "fast design" which means that everything happens at a velocity that highly influences our dressing habits and consumer behavior. At the end, who pays the bill is the environment and the people (find more @ Earth and The Conversation).  Well, even if we wanted to make part of the "sales discounts" it's a game out of our league. And this is why:  1. For us it is essential to pay fairly the people we work with.  2. Our clothes are affordable all year and regardless sales. We practice fair margins in order to provide costumers wider access to our clothes.  3. Small-scale production makes every piece almost unique and demands too much effort, not only financially speaking. 4. We don't follow trends and our designs can be worn for many seasons. Therefore, we are not in a rush to stock off the season collection. 5. We don't feel comfortable pressuring people to buy our clothes. Buying must be a conscious decision and not made of sudden impulse. That's why when you receive your order confirmation you also acknowledge the price breakdown of each garment's costs and the water and CO2 savings.     Honestly, summer months do not demand a lot of clothes. They demand that we take it slow, so we all can get the best of the season: sunny and salty days, family and friends, nice sunsets and space in our heart and minds to recharge with new insights and creativity. Have an extraordinary Summer!