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GENERAL TERMS OF SALE 1)1000Rostos is a non-profit association that promotes active ageing, social inclusion and empowerment of women over fifty, through sewing and upcycling workshops, that garantee the sustainability programs through sponsorship and the revenues from the fashion brand. All the clothes are part of limited editions designed by different fashion designers and handmade by senior sewers with leftover industry waste and dead stock. The stock is low, therefore, any additional ordered pieces will be produced with the same design, but with different fabrics and colors: A. CUSTOMIZED SERVICE: please contact us, if you have any specific preference, regarding composition, colors and we will try to find textile waste with that kind of specifications. please contact us if you have dead stocks you would llike us to upcycle and resell. B. SAMPLES SERVICE: We are glad to send you a sample of your favourite itens, before you order. Please contact us for further information regarding the sample service conditions. C. SIZES AND COMPOSITION TAGS: The sizes are according to the European scale of sizes, but because it’s handmade, some sizes can differ slightly from the  mentioned scale. Due to the dead stock fabrics untraceability, it’s not always possible to inform the fabrics composition. The brand tags have the general smart washing recommendations.   2) PAYMENT TERMS AND DELIVERY DATE After a successful order the buyer will receive an email confirming the purchase and the shipping is done until 48 hours afterwards. If the buyer wants to order more itens than the available units, then it will be sent an ordersheet form. In that case, 50% of the the total order sum are subject to prepay. The other 50% are payable within 4 weeks after the delivery of the goods. In case of non-receiving the prepayment 1000Rostos will not guarantee the production and the delivery according to the agreed schedule. All dates are agreed from both sides. If the delivery is made at the local and date of sale, all the amount shall be paid in the same day. Orders until (10) itens will be replaced in two weeks. Above 10 units, the delivery deadline needs to be discussed and agreed between both parts. 3) TRANSPORT AND CUSTOMS Vintage for a Cause goods are delivered from Porto, Portugal. Customs clearance for the EU is taken care of by 1000Rostos. Custom matters outside the EU have to be agreed on separately. Transport costs from Porto to point of delivery are to be borne by the buyer. The buyer can either organize goods to be picked up in Porto by own courier/ transporter, or 1000Rostos will organize the transport for the buyer. In this case 1000Rostos will invoice transportation costs additionally. The payment for this invoice will be added to the final payment amount. If exceptional cases, parts can agree different terms.  4) RETURN OF GOODS  In case the buyer wants to return the goods due to defective production 1000Rostos will issue an according credit note. Defects must be reported by the buyer to 1000Rostos within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the goods. If the notice of defects does not take place in time the goods are considered to be accepted by the buyer. Return of goods can not be accepted in case of variations in color and cloth.The transport of the goods to Porto, Portugal are to be borne by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the selected sizes. 1000Rostos can not take back the goods for size reasons.  5) FORCE MAJOR 1000Rostos is not be held responsible in any delay in production or non-production, delay or failures during transportation caused by vis major. Compensations are not applicable in these cases.  6) INVOICE 1000Rostos can delivery the invoice or a donation receipt concerning the amount received.  7) LEGAL NOTE In case of any disputes arising from the construction, performance or termination of this contract the parties hereby submit to the apliabe law.

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