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D.I.Y. Up-cycle your old palazzo pants

Ana Batalla and Elena Martinez made a fashion design internship within the Erasmus+ program at our studio.

We are glad to share with you some of their upcycling proposals.

Be bold and don't be afraid of your sewing machine. We got your back from here.

Step by step, we give you effective solutions without risk and that you can easy follow, despite your sewing level.

Go for it! And don't be shy: share your creations with us!

You don't need to be Emma Watson to be eco and stylish, do you?


We made this piece of clothing from long palazzo pants. An easier way to play with the volume of the clothes and though the rope system. 


Step 1: Cut the pants to the length we want. I this case, 44 cm from the waist.


Step 2: Sew down, normally with 3 cm seams.


Step 3: The tracks that contained the strings will be cut:

  • A 44 cm by 4 cm wide rectangle;
  • A 20 cm by 4 cm wide rectangle.


Step 4: The tracks are formed. Fold an inch o each side inward.


Step 5: One end is sewn to a centimeter.


Step 6: The shortest rectangle is sewn on the bottom left side. Sewing only.

If it´s sewn on both sides, leaving both ends seamless. The sewn end is also placed at the bottom.


Step 7: You can reuse the strap and make a top: use the same process with a longest rectangle. 


Step 8: The strings are passed with a safety pin. On each side a race. The rope on the right side measure 100 cm. The rope o the left, measure 50 cm.

Step 9: Load the seam on the top side of each bass, thus holding the rope ad preventing it´s loss or incompatibility. And voilá, an upcycling outfit for warm days.

In case you need the instructions in portuguese, please send us an email to

Stay home. Stay creative. Stay kind. 

And share with us your own upcycling stories.