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D.I.Y. Woman turban from old clothes

You probably have some old blouses or shirts with amazing fabrics and patterns that you do not wear anymore.

Why not up-cycle them into new turbans? Just like Eva Mendes style, but reusing old clothes.

Yes, up-cycled is the new stylish...

Sounds difficult? We can give you a small hand.


  • Molds
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Fabric (scarves, back of the blouse, sheets, t-shirt)
  • Elastic
  • scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine

1st Step- Place all the molds on the fabrics, pin all around and cut.

2nd Step: Once cut, fold the fabric of the part of the strip and the turban itself in half, placing pins as a support for basting.

3rd Step: Sew to the machine using the tack to the point indicated in the image.

4th Step: After removing the tack and ironing, turn to the right side and the second part of the turban is ironed in the first through the hole that was left.

 5th Step: In the second part,add the reverse and after stitching, sew. 

6th Step: After sewing, basting removed an ironed, the half´s are marked to make the nails and baste them.

7th Step: Cut the elastic and attach it t one end of the pleats. Then, the strip is applied, the elastic inserted in it, so that it can be nailed to the other end, thus unifying the piece.

8th Step: Finally, add the strap to the turban, hiding the elastic and apply the label.

This tutorial is the result of image archive of occupational workshops for unemployed women, over 50. The blog post and tutorial composition is contribution from Teresa Sofia Vidal, a 18 year old fashion student, within a curricular internship at Vintage for a Cause. 

In case you want this tutorial in portuguese, you just have to e-mail us to:

We hope you enjoy our tips and are looking forward to see your own upcycling creations. Share them and tag us on social media. Just spread the love!

Have a great day!