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Making materials circular, TINTEX Tencel Naturally Upcycled

As the song say we are “living in a material world”, and that's true!

We are surrounded by materials. Fabrics are the foundation of our clothes, they are constantly in contact with our bodies. The quality of fiber or technology has highly influenced our quality of life. 

That’s why even though upcycling means reusing only materials that already exist as deadstock,  we spend most of our time selecting the best materials to be upcycled. That’s how we guarantee that we are producing comfortable and quality clothes that will last many years and people will love to wear them. 



You can tell by yourself! Imagine a sunny day, your body clearly can feel the difference between wearing a polyester t-shirt or a natural fiber one ( like cotton, linen, or TENCEL for example), felling uncomfortable also affects our mind and mood for the rest of the day. 

Our partnership with Tintex improved a lot our materials selection process, now we are sure about the origin of our fabrics, and we have access to the environment and ethical certifications. For Essentials 2.0 we select Tencel as one of the most important fabrics for this drop, but why is that? 



TENCEL™ Lyocell is made of wood, it is a cellulose fiber, and it is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Its production is sustainable, fast, and simple, all the solvents used in the process are natural and reused for next productions. This material is circular not only cause we upcycled then but also because of the production phase. It is comfortable, durable, adaptable to the body, lightweight, and doesn't wrinkle (

You can find TENCEL™ Lyocell articles in our Essentials 1.0 and Essentials 2.0 collections and on the Tintex onlinestore.



Life and nature are circular, so must be the materials we use :)