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There's no green without blue

A severe drought spread across almost all of mainland Portugal in February, threatening crops and water supplies across a wider area than during the last record dry spell in 2005, according to the meteorology agency (IPMA).

The area of mainland Portugal suffering severe or extreme drought doubled in the first two weeks of February to cover 91% of its territory.

At the same point in 2005 - when Portugal battled its worst drought in more than six decades - those conditions had spread across 77% of the territory.

Past years, such dry spells have often led to massive wildfires come summer.

Temperatures are above average for this time of the year, and there is close to no rainfall, a situation that is putting pressure on water resources for farming and electricity generation.

It's urgent to save water and we can do it in so many ways.  By reusing 500gr of textile fabrics we save around 3000l of water. Water saving starts also by washing less.

We gathered our community to present you with a few tips on how to save water.


And you, how are you saving water?