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Take a deep breath before buying clothes

New drop  - Essentials 2.0 is now available for pre-order with a clear message: it’s essential to breath and reducing our consumption habits to the essential values.

We are living challenging times and it's important to reconnect with ourselves and be conscious of our essence and innate value.

Breathing can be a way of improving our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Developing a mind-body connection through breathing can increase our life skills, enrich creativity, confidence in self-image, reduce stress and anxiety (Health line).

Being aware of  ourselves is the first step toward being secure about our principles and values, developing an active, engaged, and concerned role in the society we are part of. 

But the transformation can't stay only inside ourselves. We are part of an ecosystem and our actions or decisions have an overall impact on every species in the planet. Besides that, we can't breathe if it is missing clean air.  

Just as an update, we want to share with you that textile consumption in the European Union is responsible for the fourth largest negative impact of human activity on the environment - it consumes significant amounts of natural resources in the production of raw materials contributing to climate change. Also, the fashion trends encourage the use of clothing for shorter periods, contributing to unsustainable patterns of overproduction and excessive consumption (EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles).  

After all, it's important to know that consumption doesn't need to be a negative act. When we are conscious that changing our consumption habits is fundamental and urgent, we start to question the origin of our products and support companies that correspond to our values. As a part of the solution, we can start to consume less but choose better, upcycle and repair our clothes or participate in swap markets. 

The Essential Collection follows this principle.  We develop upcycled, seasonless, comfortable, and timeless designs for a conscious wardrobe, reusing certified stock from Tintex.

If you pre-order our pieces on our website until 01 of May,  you get a free guided breath work session.

Newsletter subscribers, you have an additional treat.

Let's inhale and exhale good things together!