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It's all about T-Shirts : Cool, timeless and seasonless

The secret of any conscious wardrobe is to have key items and a lot of creativity in innovatively organizing those every day. The T-shirts are the first thing we have in mind when we think about an essential piece of clothing that for sure everyone has in their wardrobe.


It's interesting to think how such a basic piece can change its meaning in society during the decades of history. Born as a simple men's underwear, became a war uniform and was reborn as a Hollywood star. Since then, it's been redesigned for all fashion designers and brands, from the high fashion to street brands, there are a thousand options. And that's why it's also the most democratic fashion product. Check on this Vogue article for knowning more. 

In our opinion, what makes a difference in a t-shirt and makes it special is the material, it has to follow the comfort and quality rules. That's why most of them are made with natural fibers, like organic cotton or linen, in other words, less harmful fibers to our bodies and the environment. We want to feel good wearing it every day.

We are sure that the t-shirts will exist and be worn forever. So, it's time to redesign this icon piece by the concept of circular design and rethink how we can dress the cause of sustainability.

Take a look at our timeless and essential t-shirts 100% upcycled design.