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Is fashion industry responsible for how the self-image builds up?

Maybe it starts to be old-fashioned to talk about Fashion.

It has this echo of short-lived, exclusive luxury from a non-realistic world and style dictated by trendsetters. Fashion which is sold by thin tall models in an imaginary setting is very limited, restricting and definitely not sustainable.


How many of us can identify ourselves from that picture? We think less and less. Luckily the world has been changing.  


We could instead talk about STYLE. Your personal style, how you YOURSELF choose to look like today.


If the garments were shown in the ads in a natural environment and on normal people, it would help us to feel accepted and valued as we are. Taller, shorter, fuller, lighter, darker or paler. As perfect and beautiful as we all are. And as a result of that we might feel less desire to buy for fulfilling the emotional needs.

Image credits @paisagency.


We at Vintage for a Cause think that fashion industry is responsible for how the self-image builds up. This is why we are using different kind and size models in our photos.

They represent real you. We also think it will be easier to imagine how the garment would look on YOU.

We had a campaign where any client could win a day with us and a pro-photographer! 

Our clients became models for one day  and they only had to post her Vintage for a Cause styles tagging us in social media.

Easy to participate and the best: it will help normalize simple being as we are. Enough as we are!