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The power of community: how several #smallbusinesses together can have huge positive impact

The definition of a "community" is quite interesting. It is defined as "a group of people that lives in the same place" or "the condition of sharing interests and actions in common". In both cases essentially it means the union of people. People are the basis of every community.

The sense of community has gotten much attention in the last few years, especially when we talk about sustainability subjects. The community we are talking about includes not only people but also the environment that surrounds us. What is evident is that the will for change is being spread in our society in every area of interest, food, fashion, housing, health, others. Generating an important debate that ends in new habits and ways of living. The great news is that more than ever, people are getting together to put into practice the vision of what they want to change to have a better future.


What we have been noticing is that small groups of people with the same values and perspectives for the future are growing and acting in different places. Their collaborative initiatives may look small but they are strongly connected by their ideals. It's not difficult to conclude that even though we are small when many groups act together it results in a significant impact. You can find more details about this idea of what the future will look like in the article of Professor Manzini.

Events that focus on sustainable subjects are a great opportunity to share perspectives and knowledge. Getting in touch with what people are doing in different aspects of their daily routine makes it easy for us to apply some of these actions into ours. The "Cidade Circular" organized by Catarina Barreiros is an immersive 3-day event focused on sustainability, with lectures, workshops, and a market with several brands that place social and environmental responsibility as a priority. We are proud of being part of this community and we can't wait to have a great exchange of experiences this weekend.


The sense of community is essential for us, that is why our models are choosing not only to dress in our clothes, but also for representing our cause. You will meet there some of them on Cidade Circular: Raquel Vareda, Joana Guerra Tadeu, Tiago Matos (@Greentribe), Carolina Bianchi da @Mudatuga, André Maciel @Hortas_lx, @saradiniz and so many others. Tickets cost between 3 and 5 euros, and you can find them here.

If you are reading this, it means that you already is part of our community! So we can't wait to have a great weekend in Lisbon with you.

See you soon  :)