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Ready to get back to summer festivals ? Let's celebrate together!

Hey Festival lovers,

We know you well, and we are sure that you are excited to start this festival season. So let's get into the spirit of celebrating life with some sustainable tips for your dancing days.

First of all, the weather in Porto has a temper, we wake up with the shining sun, but suddenly raining clouds come up to say hi! Trust us, we are locals, and we know how this works :D By the way, the nights here usually are fresh and cold, so we suggest the "layering outfits" as the best festival look ever. Use your favorite summer clothes but don't forget a jacket and a pair of socks. It's time to reuse what is forgotten in your wardrobe. That way you will prevent the need to buy something there, just because it's cold...

And that way you won't need to buy something there just because it's too cold.


By the way, did you know that 2.7kg of waste is generated per person each day during a festival? (BBC EARTH) t's an awkward fact because isn't compatible with the amazing feeling we have while singing our favorite songs. Is important to keep in mind some practices that can help to prevent it. Reusing paper and plastic bags for shopping food or clothes during the festival is a great option. Also, it's important to keep recycling, especially in public spaces.

"Parque da Cidade" is right in front of the metro station, so we recommend going by public transportation for a lower carbon footprint, don't worry you won't get lost and will have time to enjoy the city view.

Talking about best looks for festival, we wait for your visit at our stand on Primavera Sound! Erika and Marta will be there to give you styling tips combining our 100% upcycling clothes.



Know more about PRIMAVERA SOUND here.

Are you ready to make an impact?